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About Us

The environments in which we work and live affect not only our performance, but also our outlook and energy – a fact underlined by the importance of todays buildings and work spaces.

Maintaining this work environment is just as important. This is why, at the Jacobs Group of Companies, we have made the provision of building and response maintenance services our passion.

It’s been a fascinating journey since our family opened the doors for business in 1960. The original core values of integrity, responsive service and quality you can rely on have remained at the heart of the relationship with our clients. These values never have been and never will be compromised.

Operating from offices in Hampshire the Group has an annual turnover of £10m. In our quest to deliver the very best service to you we are committed to nurturing a highly skilled and motivated team.

This commitment has paid massive dividends and continues to help us attract a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. It is our deeply held belief that our future depends on your future.

We never forget this and are extremely proud of the long-term relationships we have fostered with our clients. In turn, this dedicated approach attracts a high level of repeat and referral business. If you would like a company with passion and integrity to look after your property assets, we would love to sit down and discuss your unique requirements.